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Capital of Maharashtra : Mumbai
Travel Attractions : Gateway Of India , Ajanta And Ellora Caves , Marine Drive.
Languages Spoken : Marathi
Best Time To Visit : September To April (Coastal Regions) And September To Mid-June (Hill Stations)

Daulatabad Fort in MaharashtraForts are the part of glory of Maharashtra, the sole witnesses of the history of Maharashtra. Today most of them serve the purpose of tourist spots for trekking, hiking etc. Whether up in the hills or near the seas most of these forts are associated with Shivaji, the great Maratha warrior and an equally great fort builder. As many as 13 forts were developed by Shivaji on the coastline, including Vijaydurg, rated as the perfect example of a great coastal fort. There are 350 odd forts in Maharashtra. Nowhere in the country would one encounter such a profusion of forts and such variety. Sited on an island, as at Murud-Janjira or guarding the seas as at Bassein, or among the Sahyadri hills as at Raigad, these forts numbed by sun and sleet, have not only been witness to changing times, but within their walls, throbs the heart of the Marathi blood that gave its life for the establishment of the Hindavi Swaraj. More than that, it was Shivaji who consciously taught the people to look upon forts with reverence and affection, and associate with them as one would with a mother. All forts have temples on them. Though the temples are humble; they were a powerful source of inspirations to the Maratha fighters on the fort to fight for the Dharma Rakshan (safeguarding law and order).


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