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Location: Located at 70-km From Nashik, Maharashtra
Main Attractions: Wilson Dam, Mount Kalsubai, Radha Falls.
Significance: Trekkers Paradise
Main Attractions: Refreshing Waterfall, A Deep Valley, A Clean And Large Lake, A Historical Fort, An Ancient Temple, And A Peaceful Ashram.

Bhandardara in Nasik - Maharashtra

A Charming Getaway

Bhandardara is located 70-km away from Nasik. It is a small and serene locale for those who need a break from their tedious and tiring lives. An exquisite holiday resort and an ideal getaway for fun-loving trekkers and picnickers, Bhandardara houses exhilarating waterfall - Radha Falls, a deep valley, a clean and large Arthur Lake, a historical Ratangadh Fort, an ancient temple - Amritheshwar Temple, a peaceful Agasti Rishi Ashram, Wilson Dam also known as Bhandardara Dam, and Viewpoints. It also hosts an ideal trekking destination - Mount Kalusubai.


Wilson Dam/ Bhandardara Dam
Bhandardara Dam in Nasik - MaharashtraThe Wilson Dam also known as Bhandardara Dam at a height of 150m is the largest earthen dam in the country and one of the oldest in Asia. At the base of the dam is a circular garden & a swimming pool. It is a beauty in itself and a very serene spot for the regular picnickers. An attraction of this place is the Umbrella Falls, which provides a most picturesque sight. The falls are best enjoyed in monsoon, when the water level is amazingly high.

Arthur Lake
Bhandardara hosts an extravagant Arthur Lake amidst the dense greenery. The lake water originates from the Pravara River. Streamlets from the lake gush down 45m and are known as the Randha Falls. A scenic spot, these falls have a great significance of being used for hydropower generation. On the bank of the Pravara River is the Agasti Rishi Ashram. The ashram attracts crowds from all over.

Amriteshwar Temple
For the religious-minded there is a historical temple, the Amriteshwar Temple, which houses the idol of Lord Shiva. It is reachable by boat, and is 8-km in the interior of the Arthur Lake. It is known for its beautiful carvings, built in the discrete Hemadpanti style, which can be traced down to 1,200 years back in history.

A Trekker's Paradise

Mount Kalsubai, standing 1,646m above sea level is the highest peak of Maharashtra on the Sahyadri range. It gives a panoramic view of the lake and the dam. This Mount is most popular spot for trekkers in Maharashtra.

For those who yen for trekking there is another trekking point - the Ratangadh Fort. This Fort was captured by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and was one of his favorite forts. The fort has a breathtaking view and provides the necessary ambience for the budding trekkers. One of the many attractions that captivate the tourist's eye is the Konkan Kada, which is often termed as the trekker's delight.

If it's the sheer thrill of a drive that one seeks and is ready to grapple with some absolutely 'Kutcha' stretches of road, Ghatghar is the spot one should head for. Ghatghar, a picturesque spot located 22-km from Bhandardara, has on offer a point from where the view would no doubt be terrific except that in the monsoons as the chances of the entire view being blocked out are more likely than not.


Bhandardara is a place whose beauty emerges only after the rains. Bhandardara without the rains is an ordinary, dull & forming into the rising wind.


Bhandardara in Nasik - MaharashtraAir: Nearest Airport is Nashik at 93- km.

Rail: Nearest railway station is Igatpuri at 45-km on Central Railway Line.

Road: Bombay - Bhandardara 185 km. Pune - Bhandardara 191-km. Buses ply regularly from Igatpuri to Bhandardara.


MTDC has a holiday resort at Bhandardara and there are also private hotels available in Bhandardara

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