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Location: Thane District, Maharashtra
Significance:Tribal Kingdom
Famous For: Warli Paintings
Known As: Mahabaleshwar Of Thane District

Jawhar is located in Thane District. It is a hill station with a difference that makes one to forget one's daily chores and all the turmoil's with exotic valleys, thick rich forests and a pleasant climate. It is famous for the vibrant Warli paintings. A hill station with raw jungle beauty is one of the few tribal kingdoms in Maharashtra.


Tourists can visit Jai Vilas, the Palace of the tribal lords that offers a unique opportunity to expose and enlighten with the tribal way of life. The Relics of Bhupatgad are worth a visit.

The scenic beauty of the Dadar Kopra Falls, the enchanting Hanuman and Sunset Points...all makes Jawhar a must see. These places explain why Jawhar is also known as the "Mahabaleshwar of Thane District". Nearby is Shirpamal, where Shivaji Maharaj camped on his way to Surat.


Air: Nearest airport is Nashik at 80-km.

Rail: Nearest railway station is Igatpuri 61-km on Central Railway but Nashik is a convenient railway station. On Western Railway nearest railway station is Dahanu 65-km.

Road: From Mumbai it is 180-km away by road; from Nashik 80-km from Kasa 39-km, and from Trimbakeshwar 56-km.


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