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Location: Kolhapur, Maharashtra
Main Attraction: Panhala Fort
Houses: Radhanagari Sanctuary, Jyotiba Hill And Various Temples
Best Time To Visit: October To May

Panhala situated at an altitude of 977.2m is a fascinating hill station with a rich historical heritage. Dotted with ancient fortifications and buildings that have witnessed the rise and fall of the Maratha Empire, Panhala is an enchanting place. Peaceful beyond imagination, free from pollution, and scenic enough to overwhelm your senses.

A Historical & Scenic Appeal

A hill station with fascinating and fresh landscapes, Panhala is an ideal getaway from the routine congestion. This charming place, of both historical and religious significance, is located at a distance of 20-km northwest of Kolhapur and is a major escape from the land of concrete to the land of greenery.

Carrying a rich heritage, Panhala Fort forms the largest of all the Deccan forts. This fort was built between the 1178-1209 AD, this is the only fort where the great ruler himself, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is believed to have spent more than 500 days. A few kilometers away is the Raj Dindi.

The Teen Darwaza "three door" gate meant successive doors could only be approached at an awkward angle, trapping troops in the inner courtyard and making it impossible to charge. A well in the corner was used to send word to allies; lemons with incised message were dropped into the water, and would float to a lake outside.

The Sambhaji Temple and Someshwar Temple also evoke the grandeur and glory of the past. Other famous sights include the Blue Basalt temple on the sacred Jyotiba Hill, the 7th century AD Mahalaxmi Temple at the nearby town of Kolhapur and the wildlife sanctuary at Radhanagari at 52-km.

This place offers mesmerizing views of the nearby valleys. The land is an ideal trekking destination too.


The climate is delightfully cool at the altitude of 978 m from sea level. October to May is the best time to visit.


Air: Nearest airport is Kolhapur at 20-km.

Rail: Nearest Railway station is Kolhapur at 18-km on South Central Railway. One can take the Sahyadri Express train or the Mahalaxmi Express train on any day from the Mumbai-Victora Terminus to Kolhapur.

Road: Bombay-Panhala 428-km via Kolhapur and Kolhapur-Panhala is just 18-km. There are regular buses and luxury coaches that run between Kolhapur and the Panhala Fort. Panhala is located at a distance of 20-km off the Kolhapur-Ratnagiri highway. A direct drive from Mumbai can get one to Panhala in 8 hours.


Accommodation is available at the hotels in Kolhapur.

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