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Location : Bajirao Road, Pune, Maharashtra
Built By: Bajirao II
Fine Example: Of Peshwa Art
Famous For: Beautiful Entrance And The Balcony With Carved Woodwork

Vishrambag Wada, a three-storied mansion remarkable for its beautiful entrance and the balcony with carved woodwork, typical of the Peshwa period. The wada is 260ft. long and 815ft. broad, Teen - Chowki Wada, built by the last Peshwa Bajirao II, as his residence. It took 6 years to build this building. It is one among Pune's attractions, which symbolises and tells tales of Pune's rich culture and heritage. Now serving as a post office, this place is located on Bajirao Road in Pune .

Noted historian Babasaheb Purandare has undertaken the task of transforming the inner courts and the hall into their original grandeur adding immensely to the beauty of the place. Vishrambaug was once a garden, and is said to have derived its name from its gardener called Vishram.


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