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Location of Mumbai: South Western India, Maharashtra
Formerly Known As: Bombay
Best Hangout Zones: The Ghetto, Jazz By The Way, Café Mondegar, Copacabana, Fire & Ice & J49

The City That Never Sleeps - Mumbai
Mumbai never sleeps. No matter what time of night you venture out, there are bound to be other's going about some business or other. The city has always led the nightlife scene in India and there are bars and clubs to suit every taste; jazz dens compete with Salsa, Tabla dance fusions and Funk.

Mumbai 's alternative but decidedly yuppie crowd meets at the Ghetto Bar before heading down to the gay, glitzy or groovy clubs around Colaba and Juhu.

Mumbai is also a cultural centre attracting the finest Indian Classical music and dance artists from all over the country.
Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan,
K. M. Munshi Marg - the headquarters of the International Cultural (Hindu) Organization
Cowasjee Jehangir (CJ) Hall
Birla Matushari
Tejpal Auditorium
Shanmukhananda Hall
The National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) - auditorium frequently present concerts and recitals. NCPA also offers modern Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi and English Language plays as well as Western chamber music, while a smattering of platinum selling Western rock artists appear at Mumbai Stadium.
Mumbai at Night Time , Maharashtra

Mumbai has an unusually easy-going attitude to alcohol; popping into a bar for a beer is very much accepted, for men atleast even at lunchtime. On any night one will find Mumbai's pub full of hustle and bustle. So one can rest assured that any trip to Mumbai will be far from boring.

Chowpatty Beach and Colaba Causeway, where one will find Leopold's and the Cafe Mondegar form the focus of the traveller's social scene, but if one wants to sample the pulse of the city's nightlife, venture up to Bandra and Juhu.

The nightclubs scene in Mumbai has come a long way from the Filmi dance and chart-busting discos of a few years ago, as the moneyed jet-set now expect to hear the latest House, Trance, Fusion and Funk that is hitting the decks in the USA and the UK. The five star hotels tend to operate "Couple-Only" policies and entry is restricted to hotel guests and members. Other discos and clubs charge per couple on the door and many operate "Ladies Nights" when women get in free.

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