Famous Destinations: Agra, Jaipur, Varanasi
World Heritage Sites in North India: Taj Mahal, Qutab Minar, Jaisalmer Fort
Jewels of North India: Himalayas, Thar Desert, Ganges
Much Known For: Pilgrimages, Wildlife, Hill-Stations, Winter Sports

Welcome to the North India Tourism. A kaleidoscope to reveal the rich cultural heritage of North India that is diverse and varied and still binds the country in the form of common identification .The common sutras like dance, music, festivels, art,architecture, cushine dresses are the binding factor that have played a remarkable role in this unification and enriching Northern India since ages.

The heritage train tours are the best way to get a taste of the luxurious life that the aristocrats use to and enjoy in the royal times. The three major luxury trains of India are - The Palace on-Weeels, The Fairy Queen and The Royal Orient. They present a beautiful collage of the cultural heritage and rich traditions of India. The travel of wheels is not just confined to your coach, the touring services also include venturing through the various cities and experiencing a treatment that once only the royals were privileged with.

So allow yourself to get carried away in to the opulent world of maharajas, magnificent palaces and imposing forts on board of these exclusive trains the way maharajas experienced it ...


Indegenous North India
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