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Region : Orissa
Also Called : Patta Paintings

Besides mural paintings, we get miniature paintings, which are called Patta Chitras. Pattas are now used as wall hangings. The subject matter of Patta paintings is limited to religious themes. The stories of Rama and Krishna are usually depicted on the Pattas. "Rasa Lila", "Vastra Haran", "Kaliya Dalan" are some of the recurring themes of Patta art.
Patta Chitra
Patta Chitras of Lord Jagannatha, Balabhadra and Subhadra, the Navagrahas and the deities are also famous. In some parts of Orissa, during marriage ceremonies, Patta Chitras of Durga and Mahadeva are used. The present generation of Patta painters paint in the style of the oleography on the walls of big temple.

Patta paintings are so called because they are executed on silken hand woven both. They are painted with bright colours and possess a charm peculiarly their own. Their pictorial conceptions, their unique painting technique and line formations together with colour schemes make them a remarkably original art form that is distinct from any other school of painting either in or outside India.

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