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Location : 8-km south of Bhubaneswar, Orissa
Main Attractions : Ashokan Rock Eddicts & Elephant Sculpture
Dates Back : 3rd C.B.C.
Modern Edifice : Shanti Stupa

Dhauli hill on the bank of the river Daya is a little away from the main road as one drives to Puri / Konark from Bhubaneswar . This stands as the mute witness to the great 'Kalinga' war which fought in the 3rd century B.C. the great transformation, unprecedented in whole of the world, took place here.

Peace Pakoda Dhauli, OrissaAshokan Rock-Eddicts
Ashoka, the great seeing the horrors of war changed his mind in favour of spiritual conquests in preference to his war exploits. He donned orange robes and the world saw in Ashoka the making of a great patron of Buddhism. Dhauli is famous for the Ashokan rock-edicts, which are inscribed on a rock, with the relief of an emerging elephant at the top. These contain eleven of the well-known set of fourteen rock-edicts found within the limits of the Ashokan Empire. Here Ashoka had got inscribed two separate rock edicts especially for the people of Kalinga.

The Stupa of Peace
The serenity of the place and the legacy of Buddhism motivated the "Kalinga Nippon-Buddha Sangha", under the guidance of 'Guruji Fujii', Founder President of "Nipponzan Myohoji" of Japan to establish a "Peace Pagoda" or "Shanti Stupa" at Dhauli. along with the construction of a monastery called "Saddharma Vihar" in early seventies.

Along with the Ashokan Edicts, the peace pagoda and modern Buddhist monastery, Dhauli offers the visitors small rock cut caves, Hindu temples of early medieval period and a renovated Shiva temple dedicated to Lord 'Dhavalesvara' on top of the hill as added attractions.

The beautiful rural landscape, the old monuments, the new peace pagoda and the temple on the top of the hill with a winding Daya river flowing by offers a sublime tranquility and meditative serenity.

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