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Region : Sambalpur District, Orissa
Main Attraction : Kansa's Elephant Ride

A type of theatrical presentation is performed for the local people and is prevalent in the Sambalpur district of Orissa. In this performance subject matter being a part of 'Krishnalila', the river Jira is conceived as the sacred river Yamaha, 'Amapali' as 'Gopapur' and 'Badagada' as 'Mahura'.

The main characteristics of the 'Jatra', besides other highlights, is Kansa's elephant ride in the street of the kingdom, his high 'Mancha' from where he falls and dies. His 'Durbar', everything is so well planned and improvised that perhaps nowhere in the world, a play has been made to achieve such a vast magnitude bringing that central goal in dramatics, the unity, the team spirit and the universal brotherhood.

All the villages, town and the river turn to be acting zones, naturally all the inhabitants and visitors also turn to be characters.

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