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» East India
» Orissa
Region : Coastal Districts of Orissa
Performance Occasions : Dussehra, Dola Purnima, Kali Pooja & Sahi Yatra

Medha Nacha is a mask-dance most common during the religious processions in the coastal districts of Orissa. During 'Dussehra', 'Dola Purnima' (Holi), 'Kalipooja', 'Rama Navami', 'Sahi Yatra' and other festivals when the idols are taken out in procession for congregation ('Melan') or immersion mask-dancers join the procession.

The procession halts at market places and road-crossings, thereby allowing the performers to show their skill, wearing huge masks of demons, 'Raja' and 'Rani' (King and the Queen) etc.

Made out of paper pulp and painted bright these masks are worn by the dancers who dance to the rhythm of Changu and Dhol.

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