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Region : Throughout Orissa
Celebrated By : Low Caste People of Orissa
Falls On : 23rd day of the month of Chaitra to the 15th day of Vaisakha (March - April)
Deity : Sakta Goddess

Patua Jatra, similar to that of "Pala", is a well-known form prevalent among the low caste people. The festival of Patua continues from the 23rd day of the month of 'Chaitra' to the 15th day of 'Vaisakha' in honour of Goddess 'Gauri' or 'Mangala'. This festival dance organised in honour of 'Sarala' of Jahakada, 'Mangala' of 'Kakatapur, 'Charchika' of Banki, 'Cuttack Chandi' of Cuttack appears to have been meant for 'Sakta' Goddess. The Kalisi or Saman of the deity is engaged in times of epidemic and other natural calamity.

A Musical Narration
The Patua's songs depict the stories of 'Ramayana', 'Mahabharata' and 'Puranas' and more recently the songs of the medieval and modern poets. The simple songs used are called "Pada Bandia" and the other type "Artha Bandia" which is a jugglery of words conveying deeper meaning. The traditional 'Mirdanga' has been adopted for the performance of the second type. This is recently been influenced by the "Pala".

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