Pilgrimage Attractions in India: Churches, Temples, Mosques
Famous Christian Pilgrimage Sites: Se Cathedral, Christ Church & St. Michael's Cathedral
Mecca of Christians: Velankanni Church
Famous For: Architecture, Carvings, Sacredness

Belfry Church in FiraIndia has a positive Kaleidoscope of religions. There is probably more diversity of religions and sects in India than anywhere else in the earth. Christianity is one of the other religion, which completes the vibrant religious mosaic. It is one such religion, which was not originated in India but has a very deep roots spread all across India.

According to the legends St. Thomas or Doubting Thomas sailed to India from Eastern Asia in 52 AD. He spent 12 years in India, the last eight of his life in Mylapore in Madras (now Chennai). Several shrines have been created in the places associated with him. Apart from this, the advent of Europeans in India from 15th century onwards led to the mass influx of Christians and subsequent development of Christianity. Some of the churches of the Colonial India are comparable to the best in the world and are as much the heritage of India as the temples of ancient India. Visit these churches and explore the fascinating world of Christianity in India. India has some of the best known Christian pilgrimage sites. The interesting thing about the Indian Churches are that, they reflects distinct archaeological designs. Here one can see Churches in British style, Portuguese style, French style and of late many Churches according to Indian style were also constructed. Some of the famous Churches are:

Churches of Goa
The magnificent 16th century city once known as "Goa Dourada" (Golden Goa) rivaled the European cities in splendour and wealth. Today some of the grandeur can be witnessed at the imposing churches, convents and monasteries that remain.     ...more

Dom Bosco, GoaSe Cathedral
Se Cathedral is the largest church among the group of churches in Old Goa. It took eighty years to build this church, but it was not consecrated until 1640.     ...more

Christ Church & St. Michael's Cathedral
The most prominent building on the famous Mall of Shimla is the yellow Christ Church, reputed to be the second oldest church in northern India. It still has those lovely stained glass windows for which it is so famed.     ...more

Santa Cruz Basilica
The Santa Cruz Basilica is a historic church that was built by the Portuguese. The church was elevated to a cathedral by Pope Paul IV in 1558 AD. In 1795 AD, it fell into the hands of the British when they took over Cochin and was demolished.     ...more

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