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Official Language: Hindi
Dialects: Over 10 Dielects Of Hindi
Language Groups: Mewati, Malvi, Marwari, and Jaipuri
Main Language: Marwari


Language is one of the main seeds of a person’s ethnic identity and presents a sense of individuality and distinction to the people belonging to different regions.

Most of the main Indian languages have different dialects and variations, which are sometimes very different from each other. Hindi has more than ten variations, Hindi spoken in Rajasthan being one of them. The different tribes of Rajasthan (some of them only a few hundreds) also have their own languages. The main languages that are spoken in Rajasthan comprise of the group of Indo-Aryan languages and dialects in Rajasthan and adjoining areas. There are four major groups: northeastern Mewati, southern Malvi, western Marwari, and east central Jaipuri. Marwari is the most extensive language geographically.

Rajasthan is a transition area between the Hindi areas on the east and the Gujarati areas on the southwest. Rajasthani languages are not recognized as official media in the Constitution of India. Instead, Hindi is used as the official language.

Rajasthani from Rajasthan is considered sometimes as a different language and not Hindi. But, actually Rajasthani also isn’t one language but different tribal languages spoken by the people of Rajasthan and they all call their languages after the name of their region.

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