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Location: Alwar, Rajasthan
On Display: Lacquer & Ivory Work Items, Miniature Paintings
Timings: 10.00 am To 4.30 pm

Housed in the old City Palace, it has a unique collection of arms, Bidri work, lacquered and ivory work, musical instruments, stuffed animals, beautiful brass and pottery works from Jaipur, Multan, Bengal and Ceylon, miniature paintings and Persian and Sanskrit manuscripts.
Alwar Government Museum, Rajasthan
The museum is divided into three major sections, each housed in a big hall. The first section contains various archaeological finds, chiefly sculptures and inscriptions from the region. Items presented by the ruler of the former Alwar state include mounted skins of wild animals like tiger, leopard and lion shot by them during their local and foreign excursions.

The second section is the most important one as it contains various manuscripts in Persian including Gulistan of S’adi as well as marvellous paintings of Mughal and Rajput schools. The paintings have been further divided into various sub-styles.

The third section of the museum contains the armory of state rulers. Various kinds of shields, swords, pistols, rifles, daggers and other items are on display.

Entry Fee: Free entry every Monday
Timing: 10.00 am to 4.30 pm
Closed: Friday and gazetted holidays

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