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Location: Inside City Palace, Udaipur.
Attractions: Inscriptions, Sculptures, Handicrafts.
Timings: 10.00 A.M. to 4.30 P.M.

The Government Museum of Udaipur was originally located in Gulab Bagh and was called the Victoria Hall Museum. It has now been shifted to Karan Vilas Mahal within the precincts of the City Palace.

Victoria Hall Model, Government Museum, Udaipur, RajasthanThis museum highlights the culture and heritage of Rajasthan through its extensive collection of excavated items, inscriptions, sculptures, paintings and handicrafts.

The inscriptions exhibited at the museum range from those of 2nd century BC to 17th century AD. The antiquities of the plastic art of Mewar add to the attraction. The sculpture gallery, spread over a big hall, contain some unique and valuable specimens - Indriya Matrika from Lagat (5th - 6th century AD); Kumari Matrika from Kumbhalgam; Shiva's head from Kalyanpur and lain Kuber from Bansi (8th century AD).

Inscriptions exhibited at the museum date back to as early as 200 BC. The most remarkable collection is that of more than nine thousand miniature paintings of Mewar school from the period of Maharana Lagat Singh (1628 - 1652 AD) to Maharana Swaroop Singh (1842 - 1861 AD). It has a Natural History section called the Children Gallery, which has models of animals like tiger, deer etc. The museum also has a collection of colourful Mewari turbans.

Entry Fee : Free Entry Every Monday
Timing : 10.00 A.M. to 4.30 P.M.
Closed : Friday and gazetted holidays.

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