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Location: 135-km From Jodhpur, Rajasthan
Tourist Attractions: Old Fort, Cattle Fair, Dargah
Best Time To Visit: Mid-October To Mid-March

The early history of Nagaur before the advent of the Mughals is intermingled with the exploits of the Sultans of Delhi, Gujarat and Marwar, who contended for its possession because of its strategic location. It was later included in the Mughal empire and became a 'Sarkar' (Division) under 'Ajmer Subah' (province), yielding annual revenue of about ten lakhs of rupees.

Nagaur Fort, Nagaur, RajasthanThe town has an old fort, situated in the centre of the city occupying an extensive area. It contains old palaces, water cisterns and other buildings, some of which are in ruins. The mural paintings on the walls of some apartments in the palace are of high order.

A cattle fair is held in the town during January-February in which large number of cows, bullocks (Nagauri breed is renowned) oxen and camels exchange hands. Tourists also visit the place in large numbers.

The town possesses some monuments of historical importance, namely, the Dargah of Khwaja Hamiduddin Nagauri known as Sultan-ul-Tarkeen, who was one of the chief disciples of the Khwaja of Ajmer; and Amar Singh Rathore-ki-Chhatri. Amar Singh Rathore was the heir apparent to the throne of Marwar, who not only was deprived of his right to succession, but was also exiled from the state, wherefrom he retired to the Mughal court. His exceptional gallantry at the battlefields impressed the Emperor who bestowed upon him the chief ship of Nagaur and elevated him to a very high rank in the nobility.

However, he is remembered for upholding his dignity and intrepidity exhibited in full view of the Emperor in the Mughal court at Agra, by murdering Salabat Khan, the Paymaster General for the latter’s insolent conduct towards Amar Singh. Amar Singh was overpowered and killed, but the saga of his dauntless spirit and heroic action survived for long in the ballads of the minstrels.


Air: Nagaur can be reached from Jaipur (293-km), Jodhpur (135-km) and Udaipur (400-km), which are on the domestic airlines route that links Delhi to Mumbai.
Rail: Most of Rajasthan is accessible by a network rail services. An excellent conncetion to Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, from Delhi is the Pink City Express (5 hrs). Other places too are linked by passenger and express trains. Some other important train connections are: Ranakpur Express (Bikaner-Nagaur-Ratangarh); 4893 Mail (Marwar-Nagaur-Merta Road Junction).
Road: Rajasthan State Roadways coaches link most tourist places and business centres in and around the state. Chauffer-driven air-conditioned can be hired through the State Tourist Offices and other approved operators.


Nagaur is a major centre of attraction during the cattle fair and is well equipped with quite a resonable options of accommodation too.


Ajmer: 162-km
Jaipur: 293-km
Jaisalmer: 312-km
Nathdwara: 362-km

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