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Location: 42 km From Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
Best Time Of The Day: Sunrise And Sunset
Features: Camel Safaris, Cultural Programmes

Jaisalmer Sam Sand Dunes, India Travel Guide, States, Rajasthan, Sam Sand DunesWelcome to the world of the Thar Desert, the land of Sam Sand Dunes, of adventure and rugged expeditions! Explore the undisturbed beauty, the rich culture and the picturesque sand dunes!

Any trip to Jaisalmer is indeed, incomplete, without a trip to the most panoramic dunes of Sam where the wind is unceasingly carving out scenic patterns, on the sand!

The culture, the people, their way of life, and the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding desert landscape complement the adventurous spirit. If you've ever yearned to explore whole new worlds, to experience the ruggedness of the unlimited expanse of sand, then what could be a better place to satiate your adventurous spirit than the Sam Sand Dunes! Situated 42 kms from Jaisalmer, the sun-soaked Sam Sand Dunes bring to light a glided mirage. Truly the essence of the desert, the ripples of the wind-caressed dunes create an enchanting mirage.

The dunes touched by the wind, and therefore becoming as it were wrinkled, create a mystical picture, a challenge to every trigger-happy photographer or filmmaker. Nevertheless, you need a little bit of luck with the clouds, that means no clouds at all. The best point of time is of course is sunrise or sunset.

Various cultural programmes are organised against the backdrop of these fascinating sand dunes. Exciting desert camel safaris allow you to get the real feel of the desert on the camel back. By visiting the Sam Sand Dunes, it is possible to get an insight into desert life from Jaisalmer itself! Camel rides on the sand dunes are a thrilling experience, as is the brilliant sunset.

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