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Location: Gangtok, Sikkim
Popularly Known As: Tsuklakhang Royal
Significance: A Repository Of Large Collection Of Buddhist Scriptures.

The Royal Chapel, Tsuklakhang, is within the palace grounds. Popularly called Tsulakhang Royal. It is the principal place of worship and assembly and the repository of a vast collection of Buddhist scriptures. A magnificent portal breaks the starkness of its great façade, at each corner of the building, is a wood sculpture in relief, the formidable head of a snow lion.

Resplendent Buddhist murals span the stoutly ornate wood of the wall, while the eternal butter lamp burns before the floor ceiling altar; the fragrant Juniper incense that pervades the chapel air heightens the air of peace and calm.

Venue Of Celebration
Here are performed the important religious ceremonies of the "Kagey Thuetor" - the worship of the snowy range and the "Gungsar" celebrations of the Tibetan New Year. A venue of state ceremonies of national importance, it is here that the kings of Sikkim have been crowned, their children married and their councilors sworn in. Mahayana Buddhism is the state religion of Sikkim; the predominant Nepalese are Hindus.

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