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Culinary Delights: : Momo, Gya Thuk or Thukpam, Ningro With Churpi, Gundruk, Phagshapa, Sael Roti
Famous Drink: Chaang

Sikkimese are essentially rice-eaters. Alcoholic drinks are popular both amongst men and women. Various traditional fermented foods and beverages are very common. . Beef eating is common amongst the Bhutias. Some of the common traditional cuisine with their food recipes has been presented below.

Lady Making "Momos", SikkimMomo is very popular Tibetan delicacy in Sikkim. A kind of a meat dumpling, this delicious snack is a favourite among the people. It is usually eaten steamed or fried. Today they even make vegetable Momos. The Momos are consumed piping hot with soup and home made chilly sauce.

Gya Thuk or Thukpa
Gya Thuk Or Thukpa is a noodle-based soup with vegetables or meat.

Ningro With Churpi
Ningro is an alpine fiddle-head fern and its tendrils when sauteed with 'Churpi' (form of cheese) makes an irresistible dish. Normally it is not served in the restaurants but is prepared as a household dish.

Gundruk are leaves of the mustard oil plant that are dehydrated. The dried leaves are then cooked along with onions and tomatoes.

Phagshapa is strip of pork fat stewed with radishes and dried chillies.

Sael Roti
This Nepali cuisine is prepared by grinding a mixture of rice and water into a thick paste. Milk and sugar is added to the paste, which is deep-fried. It is normally eaten with potato curry or non-vegetarian dish and widely prepared during festivals.

Chang is a local beer made by fermenting millet using Yeast. It is sipped from a Bamboo receptacle using Bamboo pipe. The receptacle, which has millet in it, is topped with warm water a couple of times until the millet loses its flavour. Chang can sometimes be strong and very intoxicating.

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