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Location: Tamil Nadu
Worship Of: Lord Muruga
Accompanied By: Pambai And Naiyandi Melam

Kavadi Aattam, Tamil NaduIn ancient times people of Tamil Nadu during pilgrimage carried the offerings to the gods tied on either end of a long stick, which was balanced on the shoulders. In order to lessen the boredom of the long travel they used to sing and dance about the gods.

Kavadi Aattam has its origins in this practice. Kavadi Sindhu are special songs, which were composed to be sung while carrying the Kavadi. The Kavadi is a semi-canopy made of bamboo strips and a light pole. The cover of Kavadi in saffron cloth decorated with peacock feathers and balancing pots on both ends embellish the tiny Kavadi. This is mainly a religious dance. The dance is accompanied by worship of Lord Muruga. Pambai and Naiyandi Melam accompany the dance.

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