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Location : Muttukadu, 20-km From Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Festivals Celebrated: Pongal, Vasanth Vizha, Ugadi, Tamil New Year, Ayyanar, Adiperrukku, Onam, Dassera, Deepavali, And Christmas

Dakshinachitra is a unique Heritage village situated at Muttukadu on the new Mamallapuram coastal road, 20-km from Chennai. Dakshinachitra offers the visitor an unforgettable and authentic insight into the lifestyles of diverse people of South India. The traditional craftsmen and folk artists are seen at work in the settings representing the century-old houses and work sports of the crafts community. Dakshinchitra, Chennai, Tamil Nadu


Pongal (January 15th -18th) Pongal is a harvest festival celebrated by Tamilians for four days. At Dakshinachitra, Pongal is ritually prepared in the open air and served. Bullock cart rides and folk performances are organized for the festival.

Vasant Vizha (February 18th - 28th)
Vasant Vizha, festival of craft is celebrated in the month of February and provides a special occasion to see the unique crafts of South India.

Ugadi (March 12th - 21st)
Ugadi is the beginning of New Year for the Telugus, Kannadigas, Sindhis and Maharashtrians. At Dakshinachitra, a ten-day Telugu festival is held highlighting the cultural, religious, cuisine and costumes of the regions of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka .

The Tamil New Year (April 14th - 17th)
The first day of the Tamil month of Chithirai is the New Year's Day for the Tamilians, also called the "Chaitra Vishu". The ritual is offering of 9 grains to the sun is organized.

Ayyanar Festival (July 3rd - 11th)
At Dakshinachitra, a procession of the deity is taken through the streets, to remove problems. As a religious ritual the devotees offer insects and rodents in terracotta to Ayyanar.

Adiperukku (July 30th -August 2nd)
Adiperukku is an age-old Tamil festival, celebrating water as a life sustaining force. At Dakshinachitra it is a festival of fun-especially for children with traditional games and activities.

Onam (August 21st -29th)
Onam, a harvest festival, celebrated by all Malayalis, is being recreated in the beautiful setting of Dakshinachitra with exotic floral decorations. The main attractions of different performing arts of Kerala can be seen during this festival and authentic Kerala food is also provided.

Navaratri/ Dassera or Dusshera (October 9th -19th)
Navaratri is a nine-day festival celebrated in the Tamil month of "Purattasi". Special program for Navaratri in Dakshinachitra would include traditional Kolu (festival of dolls) with cultural discourses.

Deepavali/ Karthikai (November 13th - 21st)
At Dakshinachitra, Deepavali and Karthikai are celebrated with the traditional pomp and gaiety, displaying variety of lamps and decorations significant to South.

Christmas (December 20th - 30th)
At Dakshinachitra, Christmas is marked by a crib, singing of Tamil Carols, exhibitions on old churches of South India, sale and exhibition of festive gifts and decorations.


Air: Chennai is the nearest airport.
Rail: The nearest railway station is at Chennai, which is well connected with all the important cities and towns within and beyond the state.
Road: Tourists can hire a taxi or take a bus from Chennai to reach Dakshinachitra.


Being a capital city of the state Chennai is well equipped with various kinds of accommodation options, varying from economic class to luxurious ones.

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