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Location : Courtallam, Tamil Nadu
Celebrated In The Month Of: July

Courtallam is famous for its season, which lasts from June to September, the hottest period of the plains. Thick clouds gather and streaks of lighting flash across the sky. The southwest monsoon, vigorous in Kerala get reduced when arrested by the towering peaks, escape through the Aryankavu Pass and when they reach Courtallam becomes mild. It does not pour in torrents but is a drizzle called "Saral" in Tamil.

Throughout the day, the overcast clouds sprinkle water over the region and the temperature drops considerably. It is a rare and a pleasant experience to stroll in the "Saral" becoming neither wet nor dry. Courtallam is visited annually by thousands of visitors for the several falls, which clot the town.

The Saral festival makes a celebration out of a simple, daily ritual bathing! And indeed, a bath at the picturesque Courtallam waterfalls is no ordinary event. The healing waters of the roaring Courtallam are famed for their medicinal properties. The festival is held in the month of July. Cultural programs, competitions, fun and frolic make this festival remarkable.


Air: The nearest airport is at Madurai, at a distance of 150-km.
Rail: Tenkasi and Sengottai are the nearby railway stations. Several trains from CourtallamChennai pull into Tirunelveli daily including the Bombay-Nagercoil Express. It is also possible to reach Courtallam from Quilon/Madurai via Sengottai. Sengottai, from where it is possible to get fast buses to the falls, is on the Quilon-Madurai train line. The Quilon Mail and the Quilon-Nagore Express stop at Sengottai.
Road: The Courtallam falls is just 1 1/2 hours away from Tirunelveli. By road, Courtallam is also easily accessible from Trivandrum (approximately 185-km away).


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