Music Of Tamil Nadu

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Capital of Tamilnadu : Chennai
Cradle Of : South Indian Temple Architecture
Official State Language : Tamil
Best Time To Visit Tamil Nadu : December To February

Devotional and Folk Songs, Tamil Nadu
Tamil Nadu is synonymous with the Indian musical maestro of the 18th century, Tyagaraja. The land of Carnatic music, Tamil Nadu is the birthplace of many other music legends as well. Devotional songs in praise of religious deities are commonplace in Tamil Nadu. The main instruments used here are the Violin, Wooden Flute, Veena, Gottuvadayam, Mridangam, Nadaswaram and Ghatam.

Musical concerts are held throughout the state. These days' private albums and performances of folk music have attracted wide audience. Film songs are also popular in the state as most Tamil movies are musicals.


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