Kalakadu Wildlife Sanctuary

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Location: Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu
Famous As : Lion Tailed Macaque's Preserve
Coverage Area: 223-Sq-Kms

Tiger in Kalakadu Wildlife Sanctuary, Tamil Nadu
Kalakadu wildlife sanctuary is situated in an area of 223-sq-kms in the Tirunelveli district, including the foothills of the Western Ghats and the adjoining area. 47-kms from Tirunelveli, the Kalakadu wildlife sanctuary is very popular with botanists and ornithologists as it has a great variety of fauna and bird life.

It is a Lion tailed Macaque's preserve. Tiger, Sloth Bear, Sambar, Flying Squirrel, Pangolin are some of the major inhabitants of this sanctuary. The best season to visit this sanctuary is between September and March.

The flora ranges from forests of tropical wet evergreen to Tropical dry deciduous and thorn forests at down hills.

Lion tailed Macaque, Nilgiri Langur, Bonnet Macaque, Common Langur, Nilgiri Tahr, Sambar, Sloth Bear, Gaur, Elephant, Tiger, Flying Squirrel, Panther, Wild Dog, Pangoline are some of the wildlife seen in the sanctuary. Besides, a wide range of birds and reptiles could be seen.


Trekking: Trekking can be done with prior permission from the Forest (Wildlife) Department.

Best Time To Visit: September to March

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