Indian Temples

Famous Temples in India: Vaishno Devi, Tirupati, Rameshwaram
Temple Classification: Hindu Temples, Buddhist Temples, Jain Temples
World Heritage Temple Sites: Khajuraho Temples, Konark Sun Temple
Famous For: Architecture, Spiritual House of Faith, Erotic Carvings, Paintings

India, known as the Land of temples, possess hundreds of temples in India, several, over a 1000 years old. Although battered by the destructive forces of time, weather, and invading forces, the temples of India remain as the greatest legacy of the glory of the ancient Indians. It has been a practice in India to commemorate the deities by building lavish shrines and magnificent temples. Therefore, India is also known as the country of temples.

Temples in IndiaTemples in IndiaTemples in IndiaTemples in India

The expression of symbolism is of paramount importance in both structure and ornaments. Thus, the principal Indian temples are a gradual extensions around a sacred site, forming a religious center comprising shrines, cells for priests, and accommodations for pilgrims.

Temples By Region

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Regional variations in India lend a dramatic contrasts and stunning distinctions to the temples in many ways such as in the architecture, way of worshiping etc. Indian temples are reflective of this diversity and diverge temple styles across the region can be an enthralling experience to an interested tourist.

Temples in India

Religions in India

Temples in India

The birthplace of quite a few religions that exist even today, India has cradled scores of cults and religions, including all the major religions of the world.

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Hindu Dieties

» Lord Ganesha
» Lord Shiva
» Lord Krishna
» Lord Hanuman
» Goddess Durga

Hinduism is practiced by the majority of people and this has contributed to the development of various temples across the length and breadth of the country, that are famous for their architectural splendour and exuberance. It has been a practice in India to commemorate the deities by building lavish shrines and magnificent temples.

Temples in India

Pilgrimage Centers

» Amarnath
» Chardham
» Haridwar
» Mathura - Vrindavan
» Puri

India is the mystical land of pilgrimages, with Amarnath in the north and Kanyakumari in the south. Often called the 'dev bhumi' or the abode of the gods, every inch of this land is heavily steeped in mythology and every glade has its own legend.

» Rameshwaram
» Shirdi
» Tirupati
» Vaishno Devi
» Varanasi

India Temple Architecture

Architecture found in the Indian temples showcases the country's rich and splendid culture. These temples display intricate carving and sculptures, which bear testimony to the craftsmanship and creativity of the artisans, sculptors and artists of India.

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