Goddess Durga

Lord DurgaGodess Durga is the appearance of Prakriti (Nature) also besides being Shakti and the mother of the universe. All the organisms have arisen out of the Nature, hence She is called as Jagadamba. Godesss Durga is also known by other names viz : Parvati, Kaali etc. But despite having so many names she is one in appearance.

She is a multi-dimensional Goddess, with many names, many personas, and many facets. As Mahishasuramardini or Shakti, she is the destroyer of evil, as Sati, she gives up a kingdom and earns her father's wrath, as Kali, she turns black as the night and omnipotent, terrible in rage and fury, with just a string of skulls as her garland and her only garb, as Parvati, she is serene, the pretty consort of Lord Shiva by his side in the snowy peaks of the Kailash mountain. She is also Amba, Jagadhatri, Tara, Ambika, Annapurna.

Goddess Durga represents the power of the supreme being that preserves moral order and righteousness in the creation. Durga, also called Divine Mother, protects mankind from evil and misery by destroying evil forces such as selfishness, jealousy, prejudice, hatred, anger, and ego. The worship of Goddess Durga is very popular among Hindus. There are many temples dedicated to Durga's worship in India.

In Her images, Goddess Durga is shown in a female form, wearing red clothes. She has eighteen arms, carrying many objects in Her hands. The red color symbolizes action and the red clothes signify that She is always busy destroying evil and protecting mankind from pain and suffering caused by evil forces. Goddess Durga shines like a moon, rides the lion, holds many types of weapons and has a fire like flare.

Goddess Durga Temples in India

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