Hindu Temples in India

Somnath TempleThe Hindu trinity, forms of gods and goddesses, the various avatars of Lord Vishnu, Shiva, Bhrahma, the devatas, planet and animal deities are all presented with their image representation.

The Hindu temples have formulated many different names and forms for the Divine or Eternal. Just as we have many names and forms for foods, or types of art, so too, a similar great diversity of gods has been created with the help of temples.

Hindu temples are a mega-presentation of various Gods & Goddess, describing their importance in human life. A Hindu temple includes life and people along with the Gods and gurus. It is not an austere or puritanical monument to a belief, but an expression of life in all of its richness and abundance.

The Hindu temple is the focus for all aspects of everyday life in the community be it religious, cultural, educational and social.


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