Indian Temple Architecture

Sculpture at Channekeshava Temple, Belur India
Indian temples are known for their beautiful and grandeur architecture. The most enduring achievement of Indian civilization is undoubtedly its architecture, which dates back to the Indus valley sites of Harappa, Mohenjo-daro, and Lothal. The ancient, medieval and modern temples of India provide substantial evidence of the extensive and complex architecture.

Architecture found in the Indian temples showcases the country's rich and splendid culture. These temples display intricate carving and sculptures, which bear testimony to the craftsmanship and creativity of the artisans, sculptors and artists of India. These also serve as ample evidence of the vision and forethought of the kings and rulers of India, as well as our modern architects, who left behind a heritage that we can be proud of. Indian architecture can be distinguished period-wise into ancient, medieval and modern temples.

Ancient Temples
The science of architecture was known in ancient India as "Sthapatya-Shastra". The word Sthapatya is derived from the root word Sthapana i.e. 'to establish'. The souvenir temple architecture of ancient India will amaze any visitor with their aura of artistic elegance and exquisite beauty. These architectures are the true witness of the great conceptualization of prominent empires in India, such as the Mauraya's, Chalukya's, and Pandya's.

Some of the famous ancient temples, known for their worth checking out include Kaushambi, famous as a Buddhist pilgrimage, the monumental part in southern India such as Vijaynagar Empire's capital Hampi known for its intricate temple architecture in Karnataka, the most sacred shrine of south India - Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh and the temple city of Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu.

Medieval Temples
The period comprises from tenth to fourteenth century. The temples built in this era has touched the various aspects such as the distinct identity, cultural synthesis and stylistic digression that pervade the sporadic growth of temples. Modern Hindu Temple, KarnatakaThe medieval temples unravels the existence and co-existence of several religious and metaphysical speculations.

Modern Temples
Modern Indian temples will really astound you with their sheer beauty and architectural excellence. Maybe they are missing out the sophistication of the British or intricacy used in the Mughal and ancient times, but they are still worth checking out for their novelty that was somewhat missing in the previous eras. The best modern temples in India include the lotus shaped Baha'i temple in Delhi, the intricately created marble stature of Chattarpur Mandir in Delhi etc.


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