Jain Temples in India

Jain TempleIndia has plenty of beautifully built Jain temples, which signifies the role of Jainism and it's effect on the Indian culture. The temple sites and cave architectures made by the Jain's are known for the intricacy that the decor. Jainism as a religious creed had a great hold on Orissa and there is no wonder that there should be a considerable impact of Jainism one the adjoining Purulia district. But the all in all rock-cut architectural marvels are the caves of Udaygiri & Kandhagiri.

Adinath Jain Temple Ranakpur is the largest Jain temple in India covering an area nearly 4500 square yards. It lies on the curve of a boulder strewn river deep in the forested Aravalli hills. Also this is one of the most beautiful Jain temple. It was build in 15th century. The detailed and intricate carving on marble makes lace work rather than stone carving. The most remarkable thing of the temple is the wonderful play of Shadow and light on the nearly 1,500 pillars with different designs. As the sun rays shift through the day the pillars color change from gold to pale blue.

Delwara Temples, the celebrated and world famous Jain temples situated in Rajasthan are carved in marble, the design and accuracy of workmanship is unbelievable.


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