Legal Briefs
Foreign Exchange / Credit Cards / Cash rules are strictly followed. Credit cards are now widely accepted in India.

Lodge In
Exclusive hotels, rest houses, government tourist lodges, railway retiring rooms, even house boats can be arranged.

Visa, baggage , duty-free list of items are the concerns of every traveler. It is better to travel light. Also check the rules for visa renewal and help in case of loss.

Must Do's
Tourism and shopping, alongwith sightseeing - it's often a three-in-one package. The variety of the Indian cuisine is another thing that you must sample.

Currency Convertor
Indian currency notes circulate far longer than in the west. The rupee is divided into 100 paise. Declare any amount over US$ 10,000 on arrival.

Tourists have to guard against wrong eating habits and drinking unclean water . Carry medicine for common cold, fever.

Weather Update
India is warm throughout the year. Light summer wear is advisable at all times..

Maintain a diary of numbers and addresses of places you can contact in case of any emergency. Tourist information centers also can be knocked for help.

Railways Timetable
Come to grips with the Indian Railways with a time-table, a handy booklet that covers major routes and trains.

Eco-Friendly Tourism
Get there - in a safe and environmentally sound way...

Distance Calculator
Find out the distance between any two destinations

The people speak with a different tongue wherever you go. Hindi is commonly used.

Rent-a-car agents provide variety: from the reliable Ambassador cars to the latest Mercedes. In india, journey by train is most popular. Air travel is an option you can freely choose.

Booking Information/Reservation