Custom Rules

Baggage Rules
The bottomline of any trip is to travel light. That is, with as few baggage as possible. However, no two places are alike so travelling requires extra load. There are certain norms to be followed in terms of baggage. Visiting a place can in many ways be a transfer or even full-scale migration. This section gives a list of guidelines regarding luggage as well as luggage rules in India since 1998.
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Visa Requirements
Comprehensive information on VISA procurement is a must for our foreign guests. This includes information on procedure: how to apply, where to apply and validity period of the Visa. It also informs you about the measures to be taken in case the VISA is lost.

Passport Information
This section gives you complete information on matters related to passport. It lists all the formalities and rules to be followed while applying for a new passport as well as procedures in case of applying for duplicate, re-issue and replacement of passports. It also specifies the timeframe for issue of passport and the amount to be paid.

Duty Free Personal Items
While travelling, there are certain items which one has to carry for personal use. Some of these items are duty-free. But on others one has to pay custom charges. This section deals with items which come under personal duty-free list and also gives rates charged on certain items when coming for a visit to India.

Booking Information/Reservation