Duty Concession


On a bonafide Transfer of Residence to India, you can import free of Customs duty, your personal and household effects without any limit but subject to the following conditions, namely:-

a) you have been residing abroad for a minimum period of two years immediately preceding the transfer of residence and are transferring your residence to India for a minimum stay of one year;

b) you affirm by a declaration that the goods have been in your or your family's possession and use abroad for a minimum period of one year. These concessions are in addition to the duty free concessions available to you as a non-tourist passenger. Articles (whether used or new) not allowed free of duty but at concessional rate of duty of 35.2% advalorem.

  1. Colour TV/Monochrome TV
  3. Washing machine
  4. Electrical/LPG Cooking Range (other than Electrical/LPG Stoves with not more than two burners and without any extra attachment)
  5. Dish Washer
  6. Personal Computer
  7. Music system
  8. Air-conditioner
  9. Refrigerator
  10. Deep freezer
  11. Micro-wave oven
  12. Video camera or the combination of any such video camera with one or more of the following goods, namely:- a) Television receiver
    b) Sound recording or reproducing apparatus
    c) Video reproducing apparatus
  13. Word Processing machine
  14. Fax machine. Subject to the conditions that:-
    i) Such person affirms by a declaration that the goods have been in his possession abroad or the goods are purchased from the duty-free shop by such person at the time of his arrival but before clearance from Customs.
    ii) Unaccompanied goods were shipped or despatched or arrived within the prescribed time limits.
    iii) Only one unit of each item per family is allowed.
    iv) The person claiming this benefit affirms by declaration that no other member of the family had availed, or would avail this benefit. The term "family" includes all persons in the same house and forming part of the same establishment.
    v) The aggregate value of such goods shall not exceed one lakh fifty thousand rupees.

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