Passport Information

Passport Information:

Application for the first passport-
First step in applying for the a new passport is to fill an application form which can be obtained from the passport office or at the head post office. This form is priced Rs 3 but it comes free of cost if taken from the passport office. Photocopy of the for, is also accepted. The application form can be submitted in person or through a representative or through registered post. Make sure that all columns of the form are duly and correctly filled. Insure that the information given is correct and all documets required are attached.

The applicant will be required to give proof of residence i.e., a self-attested photo copy of the ration card or voters' identity card or water tax bill or telephone bill or electricity bill or running bank account or income tax assessment order of last three years or appointment letter of reputed companies on letterhead (any one of them will do). In support of his date of birth and educational qualification he has to furnish self-attested photo copy of birth certificate or school certificate or in case of illiterate/ semi-literate persons a sworn affidavit to be attested by a magistrate, as per specimen given in the form.

Along with the application form one has to give 6 photographs (black & white or colour). The size has to be 35 mm x 45 mm; Frontal view of full face against a light background; photos taken with coloured or dark glasses and in uniform are not acceptable. Out of these 6 photographs, 4 have to be pasted on the form and signed across partly on the photo and partly on the form and 2 photographs (unsigned and name written on the back) to be put in an envelope and stapled to the form.

Attach NOC in original if you are in the service of Central/State Government, Public Sector Undertakings, Statutory Bodies and the like. Incase the passport office requires one has to produce original certificates for verification.

Endorsement of Child's Name-
For the endorsementof the child's name, it is essential to send passports of both parents and a photocopy of the child's birth certificate. A child may be endorsed in one of the parent's passport only of the father was an Indian national at the time of child's birth and if the child does not hold a passport of another country. (documentary evidence to this effect will be required)

Timeframe for the issue of Passport-
If all your documents are in order, you should get your fresh passport in 5 weeks. If you already hold a passport then your next passport should be re-issued in one week. In case of damaged/ lost passports (except in case of habitual losers), provided you apply to the same office which issued your original passport, you should get passport in about 5 weeks. If you have applied for a duplicate passport to an office other than the one which issue the passport you have lost or damaged, you should get your passport in 6 weeks.
Remember- It the applicants right to obtain a passport within the prescribed timeframe and without harassment.

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