Health Care

Health Care
That India means trouble is an idea that needs a serious rethink. A country with a population of over 980 million certainly has its share of problems. The millions mean poor sanitation and health irregularities in certain parts of the nation. What the tourist has to guard against is wrong eating habits, drinking unclean water and be careful of weather conditions. India is a one-in-a-lifetime experience. Take some easy precautionary measures and you will be healthy enough to take on India.

It is better to be forewarned about some common diseases, their cure and medicines you must carry with you. There are few areas in India where medical facilities are not readily available but in most of the tourist circuits, the arrangements are excellent. So plan out that itinarary, you will be well taken care of.

On Your Arrival:
Unlike many other countries, India does not follow any strict medical checkup that will bar your entry into the country. A valid yellow fever certificate is mandatory for all persons (including infants) who have been, even in transit, in Africa, South America, Papua New Guinea in the last six days. The certificate becomes valid 10 days after vaccination. Without a VALID CERTIFICATE, the person will be quarantined for a period upto Six Days. Smallpox has been eradicated from India so immunisation is not required for the same. Immunisation against cholera is also not required.

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