Legal Briefs

Foreign Exchange / Credit Cards / Cash Travel and other Taxes
Tourists are not allowed to bring Indian currency into the country or take it out of the country. Unlimited amounts of foreign currency or traveller's cheques are allowed in , but any amount over US $ 1000 should be declared on arrival and a certificate obtained from the Customs.

All money should be changed at official banks or at official money changers. Tourists receive currency exchange for each transaction. These forms are important as they may be required for re-exchange while leaving India, for certain official purchases such as airline tickets, for Visa renewal and for obtaining income tax clearance.

Most branches of the State Bank of India and all major nationalised banks have special foreign exchange counters. Credit cards (like Diners, American Express and Visa Card among other) are now widely accepted in India.
1) Foreign Travel Tax : Passengers going to any place outside India from a Customs airport / seaport will have to pay a Foreign Travel Tax (FTT) of Rs.500/- to most countries and Rs.150/- on journeys to Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the Maldives. In case of transit passengers, (provided they do not leave the Customs barrier), travelling by air who have to leave the airport on account of mechanical trouble but continue their journey by the same aircraft, are also exempt from FTT. Transit sea passengers leaving the ship for sightseeing, shopping, etc., during the ship's call at any of the Indian ports will not be required to pay FTT.

2) Inland Travel Tax: An Inland Air Travel Tax is leviable at 10 per cent of the basic fare, on all passengers embarking on an inland air journey. However, those passengers paying their Airfare in foreign exchange will be exempted from payment of this tax. In addition, infants, cancer patients, blind persons and invalids (those on stretchers) are also exempted from payment of this tax after fulfilling certain conditions, stipulated in the relevant notifications.

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