Car Rental Journey by Train
If you want to avoid the train or the bus journey,

there are plenty of tour and travel operators who provide car rental services. These rent-a-car agents provide variety of choice in cars. From the reliable and sturdy Ambassador cars to the latest Mercedes all are available for hire.

India has the largest network of railay tracks in the world and the second longest rail track length. The Indian Railways has tried to connect every corner of the state with trains but the vastness and varied geographical features have prevented it from achieving 100 % success. Railways however continues to be the lifeline of the Indian transport system. Trains connect the major tourist destinations. Agra, Delhi and Rajasthan, particularly, are well connected by special trains, as these areas handle most of the tourist inflow.
Journey by Plane Sea and inland waterways
Air travel in India is a bit costly and tricky, as all tourist spots do not have airports or the main airlines stopping there. Thus, you have to have prior knowledge of which place has air facilities and which airlines cater to those places. Airfares being high, it is better to plan your trip accordingly and take other alternatives if available.
There are many rivers and lakes in India. The coast line is also very long but the enormous potential of water transport has not been tapped properly.
Surface Transport
Though the most popular means of transport in India has been buses, the conditions of the roads still need much improvement. The rides are bumpy and even deluxe buses cannot ensure a smooth ride. There are bus services offered by the state transport as well as private operators. These services are apart from the conducted services by travel agents and tour operators. The state transport services offer ordinary semi-deluxe and deluxe services and air-conditioned services as well. In these buses, chances of being cheated are less.

In the conducted tours, the time fixed to see a place is very less. Long distances buses are best avoided as you cannot escape fatigue, no matter how comfortable the bus.

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