Car Rental

Car Rental

There are plenty of tour and travel operators who provide car rental services. These rent a car agents provide variety of choice in various categories of cars at your service. From the long running Ambassador cars to the latest Mercedes all are availble for hire at these car rental services.

The rents for these car depends on many factors. Like these cars are divided into diesel & patrol cars thus the rent varies accordingly. Then the cars are rented for a day or more and again the rates goes up and down accordingly. Also there are differnet charges for A.C and non-A.C cars, delux, luxury and ordinary cars. Above all there are some agents which also charge according to the KM used by the car. There are others who charge extra for the driver and others include the charge in the rent. Some even provide you with guide cum driver to take you around the place.

Though carvans are not very popular in India but some renatl agents have carvans which they rent out. Mind that any car rent agent wants to derive as much money as he can from you so it is better to know details of the place where you want to visit in terms of distance and type of transportation suitable for that place. Like if want to go sightseeing in Delhi then there are many tourist buses which offer you services for 120/- to 150/- for A.C coaches but a car might cost you ten times more. Similarly while going to Agra to Rajasthan you may hire a car. They might be costly but they are worth that much rent as you want to see the place at your own time go around the market a which going by a tourist bus is not possible.

It is always adviced to varyfy the rent being charged from you by the agent. The varification can be done by asking with two or three more agents or the Delhi police is always at the service of the tourists. It is better to ask your reliable travel agent to fix for the cars.

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