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» North India
» Uttar Pradesh
Main Centres: Ferozabad, Varanasi, Saharanpur
Main Products: Bangles, Glass Beads, Tikuli
New Product Range: Sophisticated Glassware, tableware

In Ferozabad, the entire community is involved in making glassware. Earlier only bangles were made, but now all sorts of sophisticated glassware, as well as tasteful tableware is produced. Varanasi also specializes in glass beads.

Now with very modern methods and in a much wider range, ever new ones are produced, many of which are exported. The craftsmen of Varanasi also make a very thin glass out of which little pieces called tikuli are cut out.
Glass Ware , Uttar Pradesh
These are worn by women on their forehead as an ornament or for decorating the fabrics, costumes etc.

Glass Made Beautiful
The tilkis are worn by women on the forehead as an ornament or for decorating of fabrics, costumes and other things. Saharanpur makes interesting toys full of colored liquid called panchkora. It also makes glass mouth pieces for hukkahs.

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