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Specialty Of: Agra (Uttar Pradesh).
Done On: Heavy Silk, Satin, Velvet.
Raw Materials: Salma Sitara, Badla, Seed Pearls

Zardosi is very unique and elaborate art of embroidery done in three dimensions. It is the heavy work used in coverings of all sorts like heavy coats, cushions, curtains, animal trappings, canopies, shoes and the kind.
Zardosi - Embroidery Work from Uttar Pradesh
The ground material for zardosi is heavy silk, velvet or satin. The artist first makes free hand sketches of this subject. Then he embroiders in cotton threads over and over till he gets the required thickness and movements.

Finally the artist takes the silk threads, twists them together in the shades required for and embroiders with them the particular piece. In the process, he creates original, unparalleled work of art. In this art form, salma sitara, gijai, badla, katori, and seed pearls are used as per the requirement of the fabric and the effect desired.

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