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Location: Banaras (Uttar Pradesh).
Feature: Cantonment Church
Architectural Peculiarity: Louvred Doors

Situated in the cantonment area of Benaras (Varanasi) the St. Mary's Church has a low tower, spire and projecting poitico. Instead of windows tile, church has louvred doors to the sides and hooded ventilation slots beneath the cornice. The flank elevations have divided pilasters into seven bays. The two outer bays have blind door cases, enriched with blocked surrounds and Key stones in the manner of Gibbs.

The five central bays are played down, three with Simple louvred doors beneath plain cornices alte,rnating with two bays, each with white plaster niches. Above each doorway is a rectangular fanlight, protected from the glare of the sun by a plain timber canopy - a simple device which has a major architectural impact.

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