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Climatic Variations: From Moderately Temperate To Tropical Monsoon
Maximum Temperature: 42.5 C
Minimum Temperature: 12.5 C
Monsoon Season: June To September

Uttar Pradesh is a large state with stiking diversity much evident in its topography, climate and geographical features.

The climate of Uttar Pradesh varies from moderately temperate in the Himalayan region to tropical monsoon in the central plains and southern upland regions.

In The Plains Max. Min.
Summer 42.5 C 27.5 C
Winter 17.5 C 12.5 C

The highest temperature recorded in the state was 121.8º F (49.9º C) at Gonda on May 8, 1958.

About 90 percent of the rainfall occurs during the southwest monsoon, lasting from about June to September.

ZONE Max. ( Inches ) Min. ( Inches )
East 80 40
West 40 24

Rainfall in Uttar Pradesh is concentrated mainly to the four months of monsoons, consequently, floods are a recurring problem and cause heavy damage to crops, life, and property, particularly in the eastern part of the state.

Periodic failure of monsoons results in drought conditions and crop failure. In the Himalayan region, annual snowfall averaging 10 to 15 feet is common between December and March.

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