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Men's Attire: Kurta-Payjamas and Dhoti-Kurta
Women's Attire: Sari, Salwar Suit, Lehangas,Shararas And Gararas
Influence On Costumes: Geographical, Climatic And Religious

Kurta - The Common Dress of Men Folk in Uttar PradeshUttar Pradesh is a huge state with immense diversity in its culture, people and region. The costumes worn by the people are basically guided by geographical considerations.

For the women, sari is the basic and the most graceful form of dress. The saree is draped in different styles in the cities and in the villages of the hills.

Salwar suit, lehangas, shararas, and gararas, the flairy parallel trouser-like dress, worn over long kurtas are also popular in the state, especially among the Muslim women.

Western dress is also gaining popularity among young people and the working class. The men of the region wear kurta-payjamas and dhoti-kurta while the most common dress now is the trouser and shirt.

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