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Speciality: Mughlai food
Main Dishes: Dum Pukht & Biryanis
Snacks & Sweets: Jalebi, Petha, Kachori And Mathri
Regular Food: Simple Vegetable Curries Of All Kinds

Appetizing Flavours and Lip Smacking Delight Dominate Uttar Pradesh Dishes

Assortment of Uttar Pradesh cuisines originates from royal kitchens as well as from the street corners and sweetmeat shops. Recipes and cooking techniques from the state have influenced the fine dining scenario across the country. Sub-regional delicacies unwrap at every step during a trip to Uttar Pradesh. Letís have a look at the myriad of options available.

Cuisines from Uttar Pradesh - Biryani and Chicken Curry Mughlai and Awadhi Food - Direct from Nawabi Menu
Nawabs ruling the regionís princely states during the Mughal Era introduced Dum Pukht. It is a royal slow cooking method generally used for rice and meat cookingwithin sealed containers for retaining flavours and juices. Many Awadhi and Mughlai dishes prepared this way are relished worldwide. Mutton, cheese and rice are the top ingredients cooked in aromatic and flavour some spices. Most notable Nawabi dishes are kebabs, biryani, pulao, koftas, nihari and naan.

Famous Sweet Dishes - Sweetmeats for Gourmetís Delight
Pedafrom Mathura, petha from Agra, khurchan, chamcham and many other sweetmeats prepared from milk are savoured in day-to-day life and especially during the festivals. Many popular sweets like gulabjamun and jalebi are known for enticing the taste buds. A festival thali also includes sabzi-puri, raita and desserts in the form of kheer and sewai.

Irresistible Street Snacks
Samosa and kachori are must-have fried foods that can be easily found in any corner of the state. Nothing can match the taste of chaats prepared using many interesting ingredients and spices and served with yoghurt and chutneys (coriander spicy sauce).

Donít forget to have a Banarasipaan (prepared using betel leaves) after a meal. A sharbat (prepared from fruits and flower petals) is the perfect drink to complete the list.

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