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Locations : Uttar Pradesh
Capital : Lucknow
Main Attractions :Taj Mahal - Agra, Agra Fort - Agra, Imambara - Lucknow, The Ghats
Best Time To Visit : October to March

India has been known as a blessed land where the religion reigns supreme. Here you would find an endless list of religious congregations that bring life to a sacred moment where only desire of the devotee is to draw supreme sanctity out of the event. The Kumbh Mela has been the greatest of the Indian fairs. Irrespective of all worldly barriers of caste, creed, region, the Kumbh mela of Allahabad is still viewed as the most pious occasion to take sacred bath at holy river Ganges. Bateshwar Fair holds a lot of importance for the Hindus. Devotees congregate here in large numbers to worship Lord Shiva and take holy dips in river Yamuna. Somnath Fair in Almora district, Uttrayani fair in Chitrashala, and Nanda Devi Mela in Kumaon district of Uttar Pradesh also draw huge crowd of believers.


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