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Location: Agra (Uttar Pradesh)
Built By: Akbar
Built For: Jehangir
Main Attraction: Khas Mahal

This was built by Akbar for his favorite son Jehangir to provide him with the comfort and luxury inside the fort. This palace displays an excellent combination of Hindu and Muslim architecture.

Inside the fort there are places like the private room for Shah Jahan, Khas Mahal. The room inlaid with mirrors called the Shish Mahal and was used as a dressing room by the harem.

The Anguri Bagh or the grape garden was a small formal Moghal garden. The Hauz-i-Jehangri is a huge bowl which is carved out of a single stone and is kept just outside the Jehangir palace.

The Amar Singh gate is the place where the Maharaja of Jodhpur in a bid to escape from the fort ran his horse over the fort wall. The stone statue of the horse has immortalized the loyal horse.

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