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Location: Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh)
Built In: 1911
Area: 90 Acres
Earlier Known As: Canning College

Lucknow University sprawling over a huge area of 90 acres made a modest beginning in 1864 as Canning High School, at the behest of the elite class of Lucknow . It was started in one of the palaces of Kaiserbagh Complex.

In 1905, Canning College acquired land in Badshah Bagh, in which the grand university building was completed in 1911. The University was earlier affiliated to Calcutta and Allahabad Universities. It was finally accorded independent status in 1922.

There is evident in the buildings of the campus, a unique amalgam of traditional style and the modern style of architecture. There are typical multiple domes, arched doorways, high ceilings and wooden staircase in the original halls on one hand, while on the other, one can see the modern multi-storeyed buildings.

The campus is dotted with tall, green ashoka trees to such an extent that the entire clearing in the centre of the campus is known as Ashok Vatika. The new campus is an impressive concrete and glass structure.

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