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Origin: Badrinath and Kamet
Formed With: Confluence Of Ganga and Dhauli Ganga
Other Rivers Joining In: Nandakini, Pinder

River Alaknanda, Uttar PradeshAlaknanda is formed by the confluence of holy Ganga and Dhauli Ganga at Vishnu Prayag originating from from the galciers of Badrinath and Kamet. Vishnu Ganga originates from Mana Pass and river Dhauli originates from Niti Pass.

+Many prominent rivers join the course of river Alaknanda, at different points. Nandakini, originating from Nandadevi glacier joins at Nandaprayag and river Pinder, originating from Pindari glaciers in Kumaon, joins Alaknanda at Karnaprayag and Mandakini joins at Rudraprayag.

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