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Origin: Bundar Poonch Glaciers
Reaches Plains At: Kalsi
Joins Ganges At: Allahabad

Yamuna, also called as Jamuna, originates from the Bundar Poonch glaciers in district Uttarkashi. It rises from Jamunotri, in the Himalayas. River Tons, which flows along the boundary of Himachal Pradesh , west of district Tehri Garhwal joins Yamuna River at Kalsi and thereafter joins the plains. From Kalsi, the river flows along the boundary of Himachal Pradesh.

Yamuna flows in a southerly direction through the Himalayan foothills and onto the northern Indian plain, along the Uttar Pradesh-Haryana State border. The Eastern and Western Yamuna canals are fed from the river at that point.

Near Mathura it turns southeastward and passes Agra, Firozabad, and Etawah. Below Etawah it receives a number of southern tributaries, the largest of which are the Chambal, the Sindh, the Betwa, and the Ken. Near Allahabad, after a course of about 855 miles (1,376 km), the Yamuna joins the Ganges River; their confluence is a sacred place to Hindus.

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