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Location: Uttranchal
Famous As: Pilgrimage Centre
Attraction: Baijnath Temple

Bageshwar - A Pilgirm  Centre, Uttranchal  Filled with the religious aura and peace of the soul and mind after the visit to Baijnath, the visitor, inevitably becomes a pilgrim and his steps lead him to the confluence of the sacred Gomti and Saryu, at Bageshwar.

Mentioned on the copper plate here, like in Varanasi, the spirit of Siva prevails. This is his town. An entrancing spot in the valley, it is pilgrim centre, with the 15 shrines and ancient temple of Baijnath, built in 1450 A.D., that gives the town its name.

In the month of January, thousands of pilgrims converge here to the Uttargayani Fair to have a dip in the holy waters of the confluence. Fasting and chanting, they worship Siva in the temple built for Him many centuries ago. During the Katyuri rule, it was one of the administrative centres, near their capital.

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